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Field Trips and Volunteers
Posted 9/20/21


Newport-Mesa parents and guardians,

Field trips are not currently authorized for any of our schools. While we have multiple layers of precautions in place at our schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have limited to no ability to control COVID-19 precautions outside of our schools and want to protect our students from potential contact with the virus. 

Our Plan Ahead

We anticipate having our volunteer screening process in place by October 15, 2021, which may allow for volunteers and field trips to commence. We encourage parent organizations to plan ahead with their school sites to schedule events and field trips after November 1, 2021, when we anticipate being able to allow field trips. We also are hopeful that COVID-19 cases will continue to decline. 

Please be mindful of cancellation policies as you plan events and field trips, since changes in COVID-19 conditions or California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidance may modify our current plan to allow volunteers and field trips.


Field trips require the need for chaperones, who are oftentimes volunteers, and at this time our District is not allowing volunteers. However, we are finalizing a COVID-19 screening process for volunteers to hopefully allow volunteers by the end of October. This timing coincides with implementation of our employee screening process which, by law, requires all staff to show proof of vaccination or get tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis.

Thank you

While there will continue to be a level of risk in allowing field trips, we are fully committed to keep school open for in-person instruction. Field trips add an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission, as students and staff would be in contact with people outside of our school community. This can result in increased COVID-19 cases and an increase in students or staff required to quarantine due to exposure to a person with confirmed COVID-19. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep our students in school as much as possible!