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Principal's Message

Dear Families,

Welcome to Everett A. Rea Elementary School!  I am thrilled about the start of our school year!  As the principal at Rea, I am committed to our school and AVID Mission: To prepare students for college readiness and success in a global society.  In order to achieve our mission, the adults at Rea are committed to:

  • Every child will be proficient in reading, writing, and math;
  • Every child is challenged with enriching learning opportunities;
  • Student development of strong character;
  • Teacher use of assessments to guide next steps in instruction;
  • Teacher collaboration to plan and provide instruction to maximize student progress;
  • The creation of a strong connection between the school and families to work together to best support each child’s success.

Join us in deciding now that your child will be prepared for college entrance.  A child’s journey to college and the acquisition of the skills needed for college begins in preschool; however, it is never too late to begin the journey to college.  As a way to develop this college-going culture, each classroom adopts a university and proudly displays the name, mascot, and more in the classroom.  As we begin our day with the flag salute, we also say our Rea Pledge: “I am a Capable, Talented and Intelligent Student and I am going to college.” 

In addition to strong academics in the classroom, students should experience a variety of enrichment opportunities to enhance their learning and development.  These opportunities and enrichment activities occur in the school day and before or after school.  Within the school day, students participate in science-related field trips, Walk Through California (4th), The American Revolution (5th) and Ancient Worlds (6th), AVID Student Leadership, and Art Masters.  Outside of the school day students participate in Robotics Club, Pilot Cup Soccer, Project Kidz Connect, ROCKS, and more.

As a parent and a community member, please make an ongoing commitment to partner with us.  Our PTA is made up of a remarkable group of parent leaders and they are always looking for additional participation.  Plan to attend our four AVID Nights, specially designed to engage children and their parents in our college-going culture.  We are planning to have 100% participation from all of our parents at Back to School Night on September 10, Goal Setting Week October 7-11, and Goal Setting Week II  March 9-13. 

Your communication with us is important.  Please call us, email, or talk in person.  Our phone number is 949-515-6905.  Pat Butler serves as our Office Manager and can provide guidance and arrange a meeting for us.  My email address is  I am often available before and after school and it is my pleasure to speak with you at that time.  The maintenance of strong communication between the school and home is essential.  I remain committed to our strong and open communication. 

This is going to be a fabulous year of learning and growth for our students.  Please join with me and the entire Rea staff as we work as a team to bring out the very best in your child.  And let’s all commit to the preparation of your child for their future college entrance.

Duane D. Cox, Ed.D.


   Mr. Cox Family Collage